Hotel Vs Motel : Difference And Comparison Between Hotel And Motel

Some people love to travel via roads when they embark on a journey. With the coming in of the pandemic, the modes of travel have not changed but the ways by which the place of stay needs to be maintained has changed.

New rules and regulations are put in place at the place of stay. The different types of places of stay are already well known to the frenzied tourist, but very few are aware of What Is The difference between hotel and motel? These are considered to be one of the most sought-after choices for places of stay. This entices the traveler to know various factors, which are attached to hotels and motels.

What Is The Difference Between Hotel And Motel ?

Difference Between Hotel And Motel

So, first of all, let me explain the definition of hotels and motels. the definition is very important whenever you are comparison between smaller things. Lots of peoples are thinking hotels and motels are the same but it’s truly a myth. if you read this article, you will know about what is the difference between hotels and motels.

What is a Hotel?

Hotel is a huge story that houses travelers for a brief duration of time. There are more than 50 to 100 rooms in a hotel. Different restaurants serving various cuisines from all over the world are located within the premises of the hotel complex.

Apart from serving excellent food to the traveler, the hotel complex also has other luxury amenities like a swimming pool, bar, fitness center, billiards center, open lawn for playing outdoor games, bonfire, banquet hall, etc., Hotels are generally on the pricier side because of the amenities they provide to the travelers.

If the traveler is not bothered about the money, they have to spend during the travel then opting for a hotel for a place of stay is not a bad choice.

What is a Motel?

The word motel is a combination of two words namely Motorway and Hotel. The motels are generally located in motorways, highways, state highways, interstate highways, etc., There are not more than 50 rooms in a motel. The rooms in the motel do not have too many amenities because of the less pricing.

There is no lobby or different types of restaurants serving exquisite cuisine inside a motel. Generally, the motel is preferred by the tourist who takes the road for travel. They look out for a place to rest after a tiring day of by travel or car journey. This provides the right facilities for retiring after a very long day in the sun or after surviving very rough weather conditions. One can get going the next day after having a simple breakfast and not any international cuisine.

If you are looking out only for sleeping after a tiresome day, then without any second thought go for motels. You could easily differentiate between a hotel and a motel from its external appearance.

The motels don’t have a very fancy outward appearance. They can be easily recognized from the simple outlook they hold. There is a tiny reception to welcome the tourist which also serves as the venue to pay off the dues after the stay. Generally, complimentary breakfast is served in the room itself at motels.

Comparison between hotel and motel

Hotel Vs Motel

Now that you know, what a hotel and motel mean, a tourist must compare the two. One can compare hotels and motels based on the following parameters. This gives a fair idea of the Hotel vs Motel comparison.

Comparison Hotels Motels
Cost The hotels are expensive when compared to motels. The price rating of the hotels depends on factors like star rating, location, types of rooms, facilities provided in the accommodation, etc. The motels are less expensive as they don’t provide exquisite amenities.
  • The hotels can be situated within the limits of a city or anywhere within the country. Generally, they are located near prominent tourist locations, airports, railway stations, etc.
  • The hotels are categorized based on star rating only.
  • The motels are generally located on the highways and in the outskirts of the cities where hotels are not too many. Star ratings are not a criterion to categorize the motels.
  • Star ratings are not a criterion to categorize the motels.
  • The hotels appear very appealing to travelers. Huge gates guard the hotels, thus making it a very safe option for families to stay.
  • You cannot view the external world from the premises of the hotel. Only the interiors of the hotel can be viewed from one’s room.
  • However, in the case of the motel, You could even enjoy watching a glimpse of sunrise from their rooms.
  • The motels are very simple in their outward appearance. It more or less looks like that of a student dormitory.
  • In the hotels, right from local Cuisine to international cuisine, you could find different restaurants in a hotel.
  • A complimentary breakfast served at the hotels comes along with the price of per day stay.
  • You could not expect any international cuisines to be served in motels. The only simple and basic type of cuisine is served in motels.
  • Also, the basic breakfast served at the motels
Duration of stay You could stay in the hotels only for a short period. The period has no direct correlation with the pricing but the rules comply as such only. However, in the case of motels, you could either stay for the short-term as well as long-term.


Which is a better hotel or motel?

This is more or less of apples to oranges comparison. Depending on your requirements and comfort levels, you need to choose between a hotel and a motel. If you have an eye for luxury, then a hotel should be your choice. If just reclining is your prime need, then go for a motel.

Are hotel and an inn the same?

Hotels are generally owned by companies and corporations whereas inns are managed by families. Preferring to stay in the inn gives a more homely feel than a stay in the hotels. There are different types of hotels you could choose from based on their budget, requirements, etc.


These are the factors you need to zero in on to understand the difference between hotel and motel. There are different types of hotels like resorts, heritage hotels, star hotels, etc, you could mostly classify the motels depending on the place of location only.

Motels are not similar to hostels where the tourist is allocated a bed and he has to share the room with few others. The tourist could enjoy the entire room to himself in a motel.

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