How To Get Free Perfume Samples Without Any Survey?

Hello Folks, Today I’m Sharing important Tips To Free Perfume Samples. Yes, You Heard Right A Free Samples Of Perfume.

I Know After Reading the Above Line You Have lots Of Questions in Your Mind. How To Get Free Perfume Samples? , Where Can I Get Free Samples Of Perfume? , Why Company Providing Free Sample? Is It Safe To Use Free Samples Perfume.

So, Don’t Worry Here I’m Your Tutor. In This Article, I Will Clear All Of Your Doubts And Give You Tips To Get Perfumes Samples For Free Without Any Survey.

Because On Internet World There Is Lots Of Way To Get Free Samples Product But They Give You Some Difficult Survey If You Clear That Survey Then You Will Get Free Samples. And It Could Be Scam.

Free Perfume Samples

Free Perfume Samples
Free Perfume Samples

When you decided to buy a bottle of perfume, all you need to visit your nearest store. The sales personnel would spray a little bit of the scent onto your forehand so that you could smell it.

The choices available to you at the store are very limited. The brick-and-mortar stores generally host only a few brands and you cannot keep spraying multiple perfumes onto your forehand all at the same time. This makes you decide the type of perfume you intend to purchase within the limited time and options.

The concept of Free Perfume Samples enables the user to get free tiny bottles of perfumes samples so that they could use them for a while and later make a choice. The real effect of perfume would be judged only if the person wears it for quite a while in a day.

This could never be attained if the person had bought the perfume bottle right out of a store. One could feel and get used to the scent of the perfume if he or she has got the sample. This gave rise to the concept of free sample marketing of perfumes.

How to Get Free Perfume Samples by Mail?

There are a lot of ways by which you could get free perfume samples. Some of the common ways are described below.

1) Brands Website

There are a lot of brands that sell different kinds of health and wellness products under its umbrella. If you are purchasing particular cosmetic products from a brand, then you can avail the free perfume samples upon checkout. You could follow different social media handles to know the time as to when they announce free perfume sample offers.

2) Online Shopping Sites

There are a lot of websites dedicated especially to attracting customers by providing them with free samples.

Some charge you with the delivery fee and some even don’t charge. Few sites expect you to take a survey so that they could understand the customer mindset. Once you are done taking up the survey, you are provided with the free samples of perfume delivered at your home step.

3) Request A Samples Product

Let the store in charge know about your request for perfume samples so that the next time you visit the store, you would be given a free perfume sample.

5) Follow the hashtag

This might sound very simple but it is one of the effective ways of getting perfume samples as you keep following the right hashtags on different social media networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You get a lot of updates on the delivery of free samples. These are some of the ways by which you could get free perfume samples by mail involved in it.

6) Product reviews

You could write a lot of reviews and get noticed by the perfume brand. They would in turn contact you and market you with their product by offering you free samples.

7) Sign up for newsletters

Newsletters are one of the best options available out there to purchase a perfume. All the updates regarding the perfumes and the sample offers are informed to the buyer via the newsletters.

Current Working Sites To Get Perfume Sample For Free

I have sorted a few websites that provide free samples of perfume. it might be charged some delivery fees and some brand official site providing totally free of cost.

Above all are brands and websites providing free samples but some sites maybe not providing currently so, you can follow them if they release notification in the future.

What Is The Reason Behind Offering Free Perfume Samples?

The benefits of offering free perfume samples holds good for both the seller as well as the consumer. It is more or less like a win-win situation where the buyer gets to enjoy his or her favorite scent after testing it for few days. The seller could target a huge market base. It is much exciting to know the major reasons.

Helps in C2C marketing

C2C marketing is the type of marketing where a particular product is marketed by a customer to another customer. This is the modern version of word-of-mouth marketing. This could be done in various mediums like social media, group meetings, parties, etc. Free samples of perfumes act as tools for C2C marketing.

Create Some Buzz

The samples could be packed in many containers and be distributed to varied demographics. This would spread the news and create the necessary buzz for the product. The free of cost perfume samples is attract a lot of people.

Helps to announce and promote offers

The free samples of perfumes act as a first step to create a campaign for announcing a lot of special offers. One could add the tag of the offer via the sample provided to those who are buying it.

Helps to drive traffic to the website

One could use social media marketing tools to announce free samples being offered via mail. The customer would visit the website to book the sample and deliver it to his/her address. In this way, the branding of the product is done effectively. The free perfume samples by mail option could be availed if the person visits the site of the perfume brand.


Now, You are well aware of how to get free perfume samples?, you need to try out the different perfume brands by trying out the perfumes and their fragrances. These kinds of strategies are very much less time-consuming and they ensure you don’t burn a hole in your pocket by spending a lot of money on one perfume bottle at a stretch.

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