IwonatMCD.ca To Win McDonald Monopoly 2021 at mcdpromotion.ca

Hey My Foodie Friends, Are Hungry? And Want Some Free Meal. If Yes Then You’re On Right Place. Because It’s McDonald Monopoly Time So, Here I’m Going To Share How To Take Part In McDonald Monopoly 2021 Contest And How You Can Win Free Meal From MacDonald’s.

Know Everythings About Mcdonald Monopoly 2021 Game Contests

When someone talks about fast food centers, McDonald’s is a spot that hits different. The platform offers simple customer surveys and their specialized McDonald Monopoly 2021 game contest that give you chance to win some money prizes for your meal that you enjoyed at their store a few days back.

The primary objective behind these Monopoly Contests is to Attract The customers to make the most out of their purchase without any guilt. If customers get something for free by taking part in a gaming contest then the customer will frequently buy new things from McDonald’s. Because they want to win McDonald’s Monopoly Price. And Believe Me, The Mcdonald’s Revenue Goes To Moon In This Monopoly Contests.


The McDonald’s survey is more to gain insights about customer satisfaction, quality of the food that one is consuming, and the kind of expectations that one has from the fast-food joint. In exchange for the time and efforts of the customer, McDonald’s offers you the chance to win some amazing prizes under sweepstakes.

Truth About Free Food From McDonald’s Monopoly Contest

I Know It’s Very Exciting Things When My Foodie Friends Get Free Food From MacDonald’s By iwonatmcd.ca Game Contest. If you’re a foodie like me then you already know the value of free food coupons or price. Because in every friend’s circle, Friends are asking MacDonald’s Free Burger And French Fries Coupon Between Each Other.

Because it’s Digital Era And Everyone Wants To Be Smart By Sharing I Got Free Food By McDonald’s IwonatMCD.ca Contest. But Some Peoples Like My Friends Adrian Did Not Get How It’s Work So, Here I Describe How To Win McDonald’s Monopoly Game Contest?

What Is The Starting Date Of McDonald’s Monopoly Contest 2021 In Canada?

Everyone Want To Take Part In Monopoly Game Contest But They Don’t Know What is The Starting Date. And That’s Why They Missed This Game Contest And Lose Free Food From Mcdonald’s.

So, Don’t Worry About It Here I’m Your Friends And It’s My Respodiblty To Provide Proper Information Bing a Friend. So, According To My Research Mcdonald’s Start Monopoly Game Contest Every year In October Month. And Its Last Date Is End of October Month.

According To my Research, I Didn’t Find Any Perticlure Starting And Ending Date But Yes It’ Will Start In October Month. For the Latest Update, You Can Comment Down Below. Also, I Will Update In This Article Whenever Mcdonald’s starts Monopoly Contests In Canada. So, Stay Tuned With Us.

What is IWonatMCD?

If this is your first encounter with this survey cum gaming competition, we have some amazing insights to share. The IWonatMCD is a game type that the customers can make the most use out of. For this, you need to purchase in the store and you will be handed over the incomplete game that needs some kind of fixing.

Your job is to thoroughly read and assess the game, find the loophole and then submit the game at the McDonald’s restaurant monopoly board. If luck is on your side, you can make the most use out of the situation to stand a chance to win an instant price that contains a food item or a coupon that you can scratch and win a bumper prize from McDonald’s.

The gifts offered at this monopoly game at McDonald’s are pretty amazing and you can make the most use out of the same, making the process a lot more streamlined.

What are the available prizes at McDonald’s Game Contest?

If you are considering entering the IWonatMCD, there is a list of prizes that you can scratch and win. Some of the most important ones include:

  • Gift cards worth up to $2000.
  • Polaris snowmobile.
  • Prepaid cards worth up to $5000.
  • Vacation trips and vouchers.
  • Cash prize up to $10000.
  • Various food items at a reduced price.

What are the rules and requirements Of Monopoly Gaming Contest In McDonald’s?

If this is your first time entering the Monopoly Gaming Contest, you need to be mindful of all the rules and regulations that are associated with it. Some of them include:

  • One game is eligible per food item that you purchase.
  • You need to purchase to be able to qualify for the contest.
  • You can’t be an employee or someone associated with McDonald’s.
  • It comes with both online and physical gaming content opportunities.
  • You should be a resident of Canada.
  • You should be 13 years old or above.

How can you enter the Monopoly Contest Online At IWonatMCD.ca or mcdpromotion.ca?

If you are not participating in the content at the physical store, the next best option is to rely on online means. It is predominantly available in McDonald’s Canada at this point. So, knowing about the rules and regulations sorts out your problems a lot before you even realize what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed.

For the online survey process, here’s what you need to do:

Besides the purchasers, you can also enter the game or content via online means if you have not bought anything from McDonald’s.

  1. Start by opening your browser and then opening https://mcdpromotion.ca/.
  2. Once that page opens up, you can then enter your details like your e-mail ID, name and address, and city ZIP code for further communication in case you win any of the prizes.
  3. After you fill out the form, you need to click on Submit to then enroll yourself in the contest.

Always make sure that you keep a check on all the rules and regulations before you get into this game or contest.

How to claim the prize for the mcdpromotion monopoly prizes?

If you win any of the instant mcdpromotion monopoly prizes, there are a few important steps and protocols that you need to follow. If you are doing it in-store and you scratch and win the instant prize, you can contact the employees there to claim your prize. However, if you are applying online and you end up winning the prize via online means, there are a few things you need to be mindful of.

  1. You will receive a message notifying you that you have won the prize and you can redeem it via the mcdpromotion.ca
  2. You need to read through the prompts that come up on the screen and then submit the required information accordingly.
  3. Once you fill in the details, you should be redirected to redeem your prize directly.

We’d always recommend that you opt for the in-store purchase because it is a lot more transparent and seamless in terms of acquiring your prizes.

If you are from Canada and you frequent Mcdonald’s, we’d highly recommend that you consider looking into the IWonatMCD. This one enables you to win some amazing prizes, including free vacation trips for a simple food meal that you purchase from their store.

FAQs About McDonald’s IWonatMcd.ca monopoly prizes?

Is the IWonatMCD an actual thing?

Yes, although it is not available in every country and only in Canada at this point, the IWonatMCD is a real game or contest that you can follow to win some attractive gifts and prizes that you can redeem with a simple purchase at the fast food center.

Is the IWonatMCD similar to the customer survey conducted by McDonald’s?

No, the McDonald’s customer survey sweepstakes are predominantly available in the United States where the customers get to redeem cash prizes and even heavy discounts on their next meals.

Is the IWonatMCD safe?

Yes, the entire interface is developed by professionals at McDonald’s so you don’t have to be skeptical about the information that you share with the prospects. This way, you can make the most use out of your purchase and stand to win a prize too.

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