List Of Dumbest And Stupidest Animals In The Word

There are more than two million animals in the world. Ever since the dinosaur era, the evolution of animals never took a declining curve. There are different types and species of animals in the world. It is even tougher to classify the animals more than the classification of higher-order beings like humans. Just like human beings, the animals could also be intelligent, super smart, skilled and also dumb, stupid, etc., In case, you are wondering which could be the dumbest animal on the planet, you need to have a read of the description of animals provided below. You would be more than surprised to check out the answers for what is the stupidest animal and what is the dumbest animal.

What Is the Dumbest And Stupidest Animal?

To classify the animals as dumb based on how they react and behave in certain scenarios and situations if they are found to be behaving in ways that could potentially harm their existence and their behavioral traits that could be the topmost reason for their endangerment in the world. Then, it is no doubt that you could classify an animal as a dumb creature. However, listing an animal as dumb has been curated after taking the opinions and research data from scientists located all over the world. It is not just one single man’s research findings or opinion that has led to the classification of a particular species found in the animal kingdom, but a collective effort.

Just because animals cannot converse with each other just like how human beings hold a conversation with each other, you cannot brand them as stupid. The kind of opinion we hold towards stupidity is based on personal prejudices and cultural settings. However, based on some common findings, suggestions, and recommendations put forth by all the animal enthusiasts, scientists from all over the world, a list has been compiled on the stupid animal species. You cannot compare human intelligence with that of animal intelligence for they view the world in different ways from what we see.

List Of Top 10 Dumbest And Stupidest Animal In The World

A list has been compiled consisting of the 10 dumbest animals found in the world. This list has been widely accepted by people. Reading about the dumb traits of these animals would leave you flabbergasted and at the same time in splits.

10) Sloth

If you wish to call a human being very lazy, then you would generally compare him with a sloth. A sloth is very dumb, lazy, and stupid It is so lazy that it takes more than 30 days to digest one single leaf. They sometimes confuse their limbs with the branches of the tree so that they end up falling and hurting themselves and sometimes the fall is so heavy that they die at times. Sloths keep sleeping throughout the day and it is said that they leave the branches of the tree only once a month take a dump.

9) Koala Bear

The Koala bear is one of the cutest creatures on the planet found mostly across the Australian continent. It is said that they have the tiniest brains among all the creatures in the world. Despite having four stomachs, they cannot digest the diet of eucalyptus leaves. They are very unhygienic and spread a lot of diseases.

8) Kakapo

Kakapo otherwise known as parrot owl is found mostly in New Zealand. Despite knowing the predator is approaching it the kakapo gets stoned and doesn’t move that eventually leads to its death. It is very cute but dumb at the same time.

7) Cane toad

Having a diet mostly comprising of living and dead creatures, they could be found having mating scenes with anything. This leads to the animal having high rates of fertility with the female toad laying more than 30,000 eggs at a time.

6) Goblin shark

Generally, sharks are considered very intelligent and sharp-minded, but this goblin shark lets the predators gobble it up. They are found mostly across Japan and despite having the name shark suffixed to it, the creature is dumb.

5) Jerboa

Jerboa looks more or less similar to that of a rat. They have legs like a sparrow, jump like a kangaroo and run like the roadrunner. Despite having such good physical attributes, it cannot find and protect its food.

4) Turkey

Turkey is relished by people for dinner. It is a domesticated animal in most parts of the world, but it is very dumb. It drinks water only when it drips from above. They sometimes stare at the sky for hours together looking at the rain and they sometimes die by continuous staring and not drinking the water. They also sometimes drink too much water that they drown and die.

3) Panda bear

The panda is very cute but because of their lack of interest in having sexual contact with the female panda, the creature is getting extinct. Despite being a carnivore, it goes on for an herbivorous diet. Sometimes a panda gets too aggressive that they kill their children.

2) Flamingos

Flamingos are pink-colored long-legged birds. Despite having two legs, it chooses to use only one leg most of the time and uses its beak upside down to catch a fish which doesn’t do any good to it. The flamingo assumes to behave differently when compared to other similar bird creatures but ends up being dumb.

1) Ostrich

Ostrich is one of the most powerful land birds in the world. Despite having such good physical traits, it is very dumb for it would bury its head in the sand thinking that it has escaped from the predator and but they eventually die. One could without any second thought, call an ostrich the stupidest animal.


This list of the world’s top 10 dumbest animals gives you an idea of the stupidity attached to these animals. It is very enriching to know these details about animals for it leads us to classify them based on intelligence. Further research is being conducted on animals to check how they respond to human intentions. The animals are more diverse than human beings. One could classify humans only based on geography, race, creed, color, etc., But the classification of animals is an exciting subject in itself and the classification based on intellect makes it even more exciting.

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