List Of Dumbest And Stupidest Animals In The Word

There are more than two million animals in the world. Ever since the dinosaur era, the evolution of animals never took a declining curve. There are different types and species of animals in the world. It is even tougher to classify the animals more than the classification of higher-order beings like humans. Just like human … Read more

You Should Know About Pine Tree Average Height, Life And Growth Rate

Pine Tree

Are you a huge fan of Christmas trees? Then, you must know the origin and the inspiration of those trees. The pine trees are found significantly in large numbers in the northern hemisphere. The climate conditions in the northern hemisphere of the earth are very suitable for the growth and sustainability of these pine trees. … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Noodles and Spaghetti?

Noodles Vs Spaghetti

Noodles and spaghetti are one of the most enjoyed food items in the world. The best part about both these food items is that you can modify them according to your local cuisine. Though it is a global cuisine, it is made local with its tendency to get modified according to one’s taste buds. This … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About IPO (Initial Public Offering)

What Is IPO

The initial public offering is the announcement made by a company that could either be private limited or public limited to sell off some of its holdings in the form of shares. Both stakeholders and shareholders of a company can participate in the initial public offering process. Any other market investor who is interested in … Read more

NSE Vs BSE : What is The Comparison And Difference Between NSE And BSE?

Difference Between NSE And BSE

What is the Difference Between NSE and BSE? Every investor should have a clear understanding of the stakeholders before investing. The primary entities of the share market are stockbrokers, traders, exchanges, and clearing corporations. The intermediary who works with you and the exchange is the broker. The names of the companies that are willing to … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Investing in Mutual Funds 

Mutual Fund

If you are a student or new to investing or just received your first month’s salary and looking for an option to invest rather than just saving your money in your savings bank account after all the necessary expenditure has been made, then mutual funds are the right option. Step By Step Guide To Investing … Read more